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Much of what we experience in life results from luck. A hockey team score twice in less than a minutes and wins Stanley Cup. A scientist did not clean up his workstation before going on vacation and one of the most widely used antibiotic was born.  A person bought a lottery ticket in the supermarket and won $590.5 million.

Michael Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed at Deloitte Consulting teamed up with Andrew Henderson at the University of Texas to determine the role of luck in business. They examine 288 companies featured in 13 popular books on high performance. They found fewer than 25% could confidently be called great performers.  Rests of companies were simply the beneficiaries of luck.

In team sports, such as baseball, even though its professional players are exceptionally skillful, luck plays immense role shaping the outcome of the game. Slight difference in trajectory often determines whatever itís a hit or an out. A pitcher can throw well but fail to get supporting run and lose the game.

Even though the preparation and hard work are essential elements to make our life better, you can work hard and prepare and build the best breakfast and lunch restaurant in town just when a nearby factory closes down and puts you out of business.

Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire who holds Britainís Chair in the Public Understanding of Psychology identified the four principles of luck. The principles include maximizing your chance opportunities, listening to your lucky hunches, expecting good fortune, and turning bad luck into good. One of the easiest, most effective and affordable methods to do that is through influencing the subconscious mind by the mean of subliminal messaging.
Our subliminal messages laced with uplifting music and stimulating audio frequencies tap into your subconscious with virtually no effort on your part. Each audio track is designed to help you experience serendipity and tune into your intuition, tip odds in your favor and maximize your chance opportunities to capitalize on good luck.

Every ringtone we offer features uplifting music, subliminal messages, and stimulating audio frequencies that tap into your subconscious. Each Good Luck ringtone is designed to help you experience serendipity and tune into your intuition, tip odds in your favor, have more opportunities for good luck to manifest, and will help you recognize and take advantage of favorable opportunities to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires. 

Good Luck Ringtones are so easy to use. Just download and listen! Each time your phone rings, your subconscious will be fully engaged and you will unknowingly begin to manifest the perfect atmosphere in your daily life with the potential to achieve so much more than you ever thought possible!

By tapping into your subconscious, you will have the world at your fingertips. You will begin to recognize the great opportunities that present themselves to you, no longer will you feel uncertain about the right solution - youíve got it! Your mind will be working to achieve great things when you utilize the power of subliminal messaging.

Good Luck Ringtones is the solution to help you engage your mind. The mind is powerful, by using your mindís full potential, you can manifest all your desires and create a world that seems bigger than life. Good luck is just a ring away!
Make the Most of Your Day - experience Good Luck
Good Luck Ringtones
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